The Groom Room

Does your dog deserve to be pampered? The SPAW provides the most upscale and amazing full grooming services, Rejuvenating Massages, Pawdicures, Aromatherapy, and calming down tempo music.


Our in house stylists specialize in the finest personalized hair cuts, styling, blowouts, and coloring.

Prima Bath

Double shampoo, conditioning, blowout, hand fluff and dry, gland expression and nail trim.

Tidy Up

Prima bath, neaten face, round feet, trim paw pads and a sanitary cut.

Full Groom

Prima bath, blowout, hand fluff, custom haircut, and scissor finish.

In addition to these fabulous bath and cut options we offer fresh face wash, teeth brushing, nail, bang, sanitary or feet trims and of course Warren London Nail Polish.


Indulge your loved companion in a relaxing and rejuvenating full body.


Indulge in your favorite traditional pawdicure including a paw soak, massage, Nail trimming, buffed or polished to perfection.