At D PET HOTELS AUSTIN, we have built a legacy of extraordinary amenities and services for your Distinguished/Dog! Setting the standard as Austin's most exclusive luxury Spa and Resort, D Pet Hotels prides itself as the absolute best and most experienced dog care facility available today.




D Pet Hotels offers the very best in doggie daycare consisting of three spectacular dog parks spanning the upper level of the hotel grounds. Designed to provide the optimum environment for your dogs to play and exercise throughout the day, these individualized parks accommodate large dogs, medium sized dogs and the Pint-sized Cliq for the little pooches.

dog day care


Dogs playing at D Pet Hotels Daycare will each have their temperament evaluated and a personality profile used to determine individual play-style and needs.

  • State-of-the-art air conditioning featuring air exchange systems, which cycles the hotel’s air every 10 minutes, to reduce contaminates and airborne illnesses.
  • 3 indoor dog parks, separated into 3 different areas according dog to size and temperament (all boarding includes full day of Doggie Daycare)
  • Full-time Dog Leaders play, interact and make sure every guest is safe at all times
  • Daycare staff are constantly cleaning the dog parks throughout the day with a high-end veterinary hospital cleaner which is a proven bactericide and fungicide, kills 23 bacteria, including Mycoplasma, Strep, Staph, E. coli, Salmonella and more. It also kills 8 viruses including canine parvo virus, parainfluenza-3 and Pseudorabies
  • Relaxing down-tempo/chill music emanates throughout the entire hotel, creating a peaceful vibe and environment for the canine guests

See more photos of the Indoor Dog Park Here.